Rear of TownhouseM. Woods & Associates currently manages a portfolio of approximately 12 properties with the majority located in downtown Manhattan. Other management properties have been located in the Upper West Side as well as Brownstone Brooklyn.

We offer a wide range of management services with particular experience in pre-20th century buildings and landmark district properties. We work very closely with our owners. We customize our services, providing only what you require. Our offerings include (but are not limited to):

Tenant Acquisition and Management:

  • Advertising available vacancies (short term/long term)
  • Screening potential tenants (income/credit)
  • Invoicing and rent collection
  • Lease renewals
  • Termination of Non-conforming tenancies

Physical Plant/On-Site

  • Hiring and supervision of superintendents and contractors
  • Obtain estimates of capital improvements for owners
  • Manage capital projects
  • Creating capital improvement schedule for owners
  • Monthly/Yearly inspections (boiler, roof, fire sprinkler)
  • Handle special building needs (ie, landmarks)

Bookkeeping/Back Office

  • Monthly rent deposits and rent roll statements
  • Bill paying and check reconcilliation
  • Income/Expense statements (if owner elects to have M. Woods & Associates pay bills)
  • Address for notices
  • Annual city/state filings (rent stabilization (DHCR), HPD, DOB, etc.)

We are prepared to customize our services to serve your unique needs. Contact us to discuss how M. Woods & Associates may serve you.